Saving A Scene

Hi there,

I have created a level editor for my game which consists of placing several different objects around a plane and being able to rotate and delete them.

I want to be able to place the objects and save the level.

I don’t need to save any settings, camera positions or anything else, just what the objects are and their position/rotation…

I will need to load these objects into the original editor scene so I can continue editing it, and eventually into the game as a playable level.

Any suggestions? I haven’t tackled saving/loading yet and am not sure how to approach it.

Edit: I’m thinking that I may not even need to save the whole scene, just save all the object information to some external file or something and then assign that file to a script which will get all the object info from it and create the objects in the scene… Does that sound like it could work? If so, how would I go about doing it?

check the playerprefs on the documentation.

with playerpresf u select wath you want to safe,otherwise u have to create our own script to create a savefile and read it.
try to find in unity forum,many example(save load from txt,xml,dbase…)