Saving a UI Text Number Multiple Times

I have a UI slider set up and connected to a UI Text so that the text is displaying a number which is reduced if the slider is slid to the left and increased if slid to the right.
I have this script for that purpose:

public class SliderUIMoneyTextUpdate : MonoBehaviour 
	string sliderTextString = "500";
	public Text sliderMoneyText;

	public static int sliderMoneyValue;

	public void textUpdate(float textUpdateNumber)
		sliderTextString = textUpdateNumber.ToString ();
		sliderMoneyText.text = sliderTextString;

		int.TryParse (sliderTextString, out sliderMoneyValue);

It is on a canvas and an ok button below the slider. Ok button when clicked sets the canvas as not active. I want to click the ok button and whatever value was set for the slider, i want to save it. The next time its loaded up and moved and the ok button is pressed i want to save that value and add the two saved values together! any ideas how ? Im pressuming its to do with set and get PlayerPrefs or something but dont know how to go about it !

could do something like

put this at the end of your textUpdate function:

totalMoney += sliderMoneyValue;
PlayerPrefs.SetInt("money", totalMoney);

and on the top of your script

int totalMoney;

void Start(){
 totalMoney = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("money", totalMoney);

Oh, first did you make everything public? If you did then make sure you have this

Using UnityEngine.UI;
Using UnityEngine.UI;
Using System.Collections;