Saving a value 1 or 2 frames before it is destroyed

So an example of what i need is lets say the velocity of the object is 250m/s it flew of 2 seconds and now it is reduced to 150m/s and then it hits how can I save the value before it hits and is destroyed otherwise i will get 0m/s because the object hit the wall

Unfortunately detecting future events is one of the few things that is still impossible in computer programming.

Easiest way to do this would be to store a value every frame with the object velocity. Keep that value around for a couple of frames. Then if the object hits a wall you can get the value from two frames ago. Pseudo code follows.

private int velocityMinus2;
private int velocityMinus1;
private int velocityMinus0;

void Update (){
    velocityMinus2 = velocityMinus1;
    velocityMinus1 = velocityMinus0;
    velocityMinus0 = rigidbody.velocity;

The other option is to try and predict the collision in advance. This is more expensive in terms of code and processing power. It could also fail if your wall movement is unpredictable.