Saving and Initiating Game State


I am trying to build a mini 3d game builder on unity. where user can create game with provided model and script them save the game where other users can play it. this going to be a web based game. Now, I can use inventory techniques to provide model and script. serialisation to save the game state.

my question is : how i can save it in a way so other player can see that a game is there to play. after saving the game state how can i instantiate that when user request to play it ?

Thanks in advance for all help and supper and please put me in right direction if theres a better way to do it.


You need to store your serialized data somewhere on the webserver by using WWW interfaced with some server side scripts: one script to save the game and another to load. I already did something like this for a client by using a customized version of my product Combu.