Saving and Loading in Binary corrupted save help

My save data script works fine on standalone. It even works on android for the most part. Out of all my friends only me and my fiance have experienced data loading corruptions on our galaxy phones. Please look at my script and let me know if there is anything I can change to fix this. I’ve been researching for hours and looked at the device logs with debugs over and over with no concrete solution.

What happens is after closing the game and reopening it all saved integers go to 0, even the playable levels array integers which causes every level to appear unlocked but not playable essentially crashing and corrupting the save data.

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary;

public class SaveData {
	public bool[] isPlayable;
	public int[] highScore;
	public int[] stars;
	public int lives;
	public int catnip;
	public int badgeMatch;
	public int badgeBreakable;
	public int colorBombs;
	public int columnBombs;
	public int rowBombs;
	public int freeSpins;
	public bool adsEnabled;

public class GameData : MonoBehaviour {

	public static GameData gameData;
	public SaveData saveData;

	void Awake () 
		if (gameData == null) 
			DontDestroyOnLoad (this.gameObject);
			gameData = this;
			Debug.Log ("Created Save Script");
			Destroy (this.gameObject);
		Load ();

	private void Start()

	public void Save()
		//Create Binary formatter to read binary files
		BinaryFormatter formatter = new BinaryFormatter();

		//Create a route from the program to the files(data stream)
		FileStream file = File.Create(Application.persistentDataPath + "/save.dat");

		//Create a copy of save data
		SaveData data = new SaveData();
		data = saveData;

		//save data
		formatter.Serialize(file, data);

		//close data stream

		Debug.Log ("Saved Game");

	public void Load()
		//Check if the save game file exists
		if (File.Exists (Application.persistentDataPath + "/save.dat")) 
			//Create a Binary Formatter
			BinaryFormatter formatter = new BinaryFormatter ();
			FileStream file = File.Open (Application.persistentDataPath + "/save.dat", FileMode.Open);
			saveData = formatter.Deserialize(file) as SaveData;
			file.Close ();
			Debug.Log ("Loaded File");
			//saved variables
			saveData = new SaveData ();
			saveData.isPlayable = new bool[60];
			saveData.stars = new int[60];
			saveData.highScore = new int[60];
			saveData.isPlayable [0] = true;
			saveData.lives = new int ();
			saveData.catnip = new int ();
			saveData.badgeMatch = new int ();
			saveData.badgeBreakable = new int ();
			saveData.colorBombs = new int ();
			saveData.columnBombs = new int ();
			saveData.rowBombs = new int ();
			saveData.freeSpins = new int ();
			saveData.adsEnabled = new bool();
			Debug.Log ("Created New Save Data");

	private void OnApplicationQuit()
		Save ();

	private void OnDisable()
		Save ();

if your having problems here is a couple tools i made for myself that work every time which might be handy to convert ints to bytes and bytes to ints for saving. Getting comfortable handling and converting byte arrays yourself might be a good thing. this is a basic example for just combining the single ints. if you are interested in this approach i can repost more help to support your arrays and bools. Dont be afraid of byte arrays they don’t bite. or maybe they do…but only 8 times. LOL.

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using System;
using System.IO;

public class Tools {
	public static byte[] IntsToBytes(params int[] a){
		// 4 bytes in a int
		byte[] r = new byte[a.Length*4];
		int i = 0;while (i<a.Length) {
			byte[] b = BitConverter.GetBytes(a*);*
  •  	int i2 = 0;while(i2<4){*

_ r[(i*4)+i2]=b[i2];_

  •  		i2++;}i++;}return r;}*
  • public static int BytesToInts(byte b){*

  •  int[] r = new int[b.Length/4];*
  •  int i = 0;while (i<r.Length) {*

r = BitConverter.ToInt32(b,i*4);
* i++;}return r;}*

public class SaveData {

public int lives;
* public int catnip;*
* public int badgeMatch;*
* public int badgeBreakable;*
* public int colorBombs;*
* public int columnBombs;*
* public int rowBombs;*
* public int freeSpins;*
public byte[] bytes {get{return Tools.IntsToBytes(
* lives,catnip,badgeMatch,*
* badgeBreakable,colorBombs,*
* columnBombs,rowBombs,freeSpins);}}*
public void loadme(byte[] b){
* int[] ii = Tools.BytesToInts (b);*
* int i = 0;*
_ lives = ii ;i++;
catnip = ii ;i++;
badgeMatch = ii ;i++;
badgeBreakable = ii ;i++;
colorBombs = ii ;i++;
columnBombs = ii ;i++;
rowBombs = ii ;i++;
freeSpins = ii ;i++;}
public class GameData : MonoBehaviour {
* public byte testfile;
public SaveData saveData ;
public SaveData saveData2 ;*_

* void Start(){*

* testfile = saveData.bytes;*
//save and load testfile bytes to drive here;
saveData2 = new SaveData ();
* saveData2.loadme (testfile);*

* }*