Saving and Loading in Flash?

In the Flash beta version, is it possible to save game data with Flash?
I know you can publish to Flash, but can Flash save data?

If I wanted to have a game that you could save my progress in a game, leave, then come back to it on the same device, is it possible with Flash Player, and how?

Thanks :smiley:

Yes it is possible however it is quite difficult if you do not know how to script though. Check out the Unity webpage for cans and cants

I need to do this too - can’t seem to find any useful information out here on the web…nor does that link say anything useful that i can see - seems like a simple thing… i have a current Unity game that needs to work in flash …

currently it loads/saves using Application.datapath…

according the Unity doc - in the Flash version you need… "The absolute url to the player data file folder (without the actual data file name)

what does that mean - i need my own server space to store the player’s in game data?

help appreciate :wink: