saving and loading, playerprefs question. doesn't seem to secure...


so i am trying to build a script to save and load my game. I have worked out what values and variables i will need saved, and was working through putting them into a playerprefs set up. when i looked over it more, and read some documentation it seems very easily editable to the every day player. What I am wondering is how i would go about actually setting up the serialization to save my data? also if serialization would be the best bet, or if there would be a better way to do it? I am working on a clicker idle/incremental game at the moment, so there arn't too many values that need to be saved.

i have watched the unity video, and some others. also have read some documentation, i guess i am just still missing something as far as how to actually call the load or save function.

Did you check out the learn section video on saving and persistent data? Copy paste the code as written, then modify to suit your needs.

Storing sensitive data online is the ideal way to go, but for now you could try simply encrypting it. The free route is simply based on MD5 and won’t be very secure but will at least discourage those who aren’t capable of easily bypassing it.

The paid method though supports TripleDES (requires only .NET 2.0 subset) and AES (requires full .NET 2.0).!/content/18413

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