Saving and Loading Various Things


I’m most of the way through making a tower defense game. One of the last things I need to do is work on saving various things I’m using. I’ve looked into both player preferences and serialization and I’ve run into problems with both. Player preferences is editable by the user so it won’t work for saving most of the things I need it to save. Serialization seems to be kind of what I need, but I’m running into the issue of the serialization persistent data path not existing. I also need to be able to save some things before building the game and still have them accessible after building. Any thoughts are appreciated.


If you want to use Player Prefs but are worried about players editing the save data, you can use an asset like:

It’s free and works basically just like Player Prefs, but it encrypts the data so it’s not human readable.

Not exactly sure what you are asking with the part about saving some things before building.