Saving and loading with procedural map

I have a procedural map system that uses numbers to remember what the map looks like Ie 01040502 N E S W are each set. IE 01 is north, 04 is east etc. Currently I have it able to spawn all game objects within each of those locations such as every object between tree rocks etc and remember them when it returns to the scene.

I’m able to get unity to save player prefs and have it remember basic things like a list of inventory and all game stats like player exp and skills etc, but I haven’t found a way to write a list on saving of the game map ie, I just need to look in a gameobject map, and find all the maps made, and their children to rewrite those locations on a load after a save.

Open to any ideas, my game objects basically need something like this just can’t figure out the script.

For each gameobject children in outdoors(map)
I need to find each child object of those rooms, and write their location as well so all the trees rocks and npcs remap to where they are. I assume this can’t be done with a simple player pref save.

Also should mention the game rooms are wrote as such, 0, 0, 0… 1, 0, 0 would be north once, 1,1,0 NE once etc. -5,5,0 South five times, east five times etc. The map object then writes a code to remember what to load, IE 00000100 would be ocean ocean forest ocean. The next map that gets generated remembers where it came from. That’s already wrote already.

Open to any suggestions.