Saving Animation Names/Keyframes Across Multiple Models

I have a consistent naming structure for many different models in a game I’m making. All the models are imported from maya, where the animations are made, and then split and given names using the unity animation manager. For example all of them have walk from frame 1-10 and jump from frame 11-15. Is there any way to copy these keyframes between multiple characters though? So that I don’t have to type in walk 1-10 jump 11-15 etc. for every one of them but can just drag a file or something to do it for me?

Im talking about these pieces of information just in case it wasn’t clear. I’d like to be able to save all that to many different characters quickly without typing it all out again.

Setting up these properties in AssetPostprocessor is the solution (Unity - Scripting API: AssetPostprocessor.OnPreprocessModel())