Saving camera direction in FPSCamera

trying to save player position in my FPS game. I can get him to where he is when I saved the game and I see I am even saving the camera rotation. But I can’t figure out how to load it. The camera is always looking up the Z axis. If I save the player looking DOWN the Z axis ( at a switch or panel or whatever) it’s a bit disorientating when I load the game and he’s facing the other way. I managed to solve this with my TPSCamera but the FPS is always loading facing up the Z axis

can you please share the script that you use for saving.
I prefer using lts unity like the 2020 version

FPSCamera.h = FPSsavedcamRot;
newPosition = new Vector3 (FPSsavedcamRot,0,0);
FPSCamera.transform.rotation = Quaternion.AngleAxis (FPSsavedcamRot, Vector3.up);
this.transform.eulerAngles.x = FPSsavedcamRot;
this.transform.position = new Vector3 (FPSsavedcamRot, 0,0);
FPSCamera.transform.transform.eulerAngles.x = new Vector3(FPSsavedcamRot,0,0);

please share the complete script

with my TPSCamera it was easy,

newPosition = new Vector3 (savedcamX, savedcamY, savedcamZ);
TPSCamera.h = savedcamRot;

the complete .cs class so that i can check it

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