Saving color from scene to scene

I am using a color picker script to choose a color for my car on the main menu, and i would like the car to keep that color once you load the game.

Here's my script:

var xxx : float = 20;
var yyy : float = 20;
var colorPicker : Texture2D;
var car : Renderer;
var hood : Renderer;
var matnum : int = 0;
var matnum2 : int = 0;
if (GUI.RepeatButton (Rect (xxx,yyy,215,215), colorPicker, "ColorPicker")) {
    var pickpos : Vector2 = Event.current.mousePosition;
    var pixelPosX : int = pickpos.x-xxx+17;
    var pixelPosY : int = -(pickpos.y-yyy+0);
    var col : Color = colorPicker.GetPixel(pixelPosX,pixelPosY);

I would like to save the variable "col" into my other scene. I tried just making it a static variable, but that didn't work.


Save the color on an empty gameObject that isn't destroyed on loading the new scene using this function. You can then call in that color from the gameObject and apply it to the car.

EDIT: Just hit me, you could also just preserve the car on loading.