Saving data from debug player for AI to use later?


I’m doing a Slot Racer game and deciced to “teach” AI to drive. While I debug my game I’d like to to save speed of car in array to file (not all time, some waypoints). And when I build/compile my game, Unity should read that data from file so that array would be included to game.

// I’m targeting to flash in this project so game have to be one file.

The problem is, that if you used, say PlayerPrefs to save the “debug data”
(for example like shown here: the saved data would only be available on your machine in Playmode. This is because for example on Windows PlayerPrefs are saved to the registry and loaded from there if you use loading code from within the Unity Editor. Now when you publish to Flash the data won’t be availabe since now it will save and grab the data from the Flash local storage.