Saving data

Hello. I'm sorry but at this point I don't know what to do. I searched everything. I have found some solutions but I need your help. In my game I have a SaveManager script in C#. I have 2 variables (Level and Skin [and they are int]). These variables always keep track of 2 static variables. I have also 2 functions (Void Save() and Void Load()). Now I want to save those 2 variables in a file whenever I call the function "Save()" and when open again the game using the Load() function to replace the existing data with the one saved before. I NEED THIS WAY TO WORK FOR ANDROID. I don't care which method to use but please make it as simple as possible because I am new to saving data. Your help is appreciated!!!

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If you have so little data you can just use PlayerPrefs. They work on any Plattform.

(remember to use the Save function of the playerPrefs class to save the data to disk)