Saving/Loading Problems

So I went to this page,
and I understand how it works, but I need it to be set up differently for me.
My Main menu and pause menu are on 2 different scenes, so when loading and saving they need to load and save just the 1 scene that you actually play on. So how would you change the script (java) from that link into something that would work on the other 2 scenes?

One way is to change the _FileName parameter to use different XMLfiles to store different XML types per your scene requirements. Since the code is really just an example stub showing how to save one simple object type, you’ll need to develop your own metadata structures and plug those into the script, if that sounds overly complicated just change the filename.

"…The guts of what you save is located in the UserData class, change this as you see fit to allow you to save what you want. You will also need to update the save method to store the information that you are looking to store. At the moment, the code is only setup to store the postition of the object in world space… "