Saving Local Data through WWW

I know this topic has been touched on a couple of times, but I'm still unclear of the exact answer (there's a topic fairly close but doesn't quite address it).

I have a constantly changing remote zip file that I want to download, then take the contents and unzip it using SharpZipLib (which I have working with a local file), and use the contents of the zip file. Is there a way to do this (or a library already available) either using the WWW lib, the WebClient lib, or even through some sort of php mechanism (but then would the unity web player have access to that file)? Or am I stuck with having to stream the content in and working with it that way?

Thanks in advance!

If you look at the source code of ExportVisualStudio, there's a section that deals with downloading a zip file off the web using WWW.

Basically I think you should be able to do this:

WWW www = new WWW(url);
yield return www; // Wait for it to download, make the calling function a co-routine.
byte[] bytes = www.bytes; // Here you go!