Saving Player Data

A can’t figure out how to save position, scene, variables and stuff like that to file using binary formater.
I know how to save created class to file, but i don’t know how to change position, scene name, variables and stuff into single class and load it again.
Can you give me some good tutorial with saving trough scene and to file (and loading of course)?
I’m using C# and hadn’t lot of object oriented programming experience.
I’m struggling with it for almost 5 days :frowning:

U can use json file to store your data. Create serialized class with all necessary structure for your data (use primitive data types only: integers, floats, strings, bools, arrays of primitives etc), then use Json Utilityto create a json string so you can save into a file.

If I remember well player pref and json file are readable, so this is bad place for data like position, progress and this stuff.

Preferably i would say use Json files or xml file to store data. LIke for saving and loading game. But you can use playerPrefs as well. But in this you would required number of playerPrefs to store your data.