Saving Score on each Round?

I have a game where you get score and then advance to the next round, all the rounds in the game are on one script and one scene… how would I save the scores from each round so that the score doesn’t reset at 0? Can playerprefs be used, because when I tried, it saved my score even when I shut the game down and started it again. I just need the score to be saved for that session, not forever. Would constantly using “setInt” and “getInt” with a lot of if statements work here?

Ex: On Round 1 you get 25 points, Round 2 you start at 25 and earn 4 and die. 29 is recorded as a highscore. When the game starts again, everything should be back to 0 points.

Easiest solution is to just put the scores in a static public class field which is an array or list variable.