Saving system ADVANCED: Item Pos, Player Pos, Amounts, Etc. 2020

So Ive seen alot posted on this, but most if not ANY of it lead to dead ends and confusion or, simply hasnt been responded to after years of setting… I followed 3 separate tutorials on utilizing save data. They all seemed to be basic: ones utilizing the prefs, registry system, ones using a file system, ones using Json, even another that did things in Binary. Now this is all very informative, and makes sense depending on what type of security and complexity goes into your save data. This is reat! HOWEVER, I’ve yet to come across anything that thats a bit more advanced than just saving the player position and a few item/Objects increments/amounts.

Im looking for something is is more along the lines of saving multiple items all over. Now this scene is hypothetical, but very similar to the concept in which im trying to achieve here.

Im looking for a system, that can save multiple items around not only the player position or within the safehouse but within the entire world! Certain things, I wish to actually save their. Within a scene, if I were to throw an item on the ground, I would like it to save there! Until I come back to pick it up IF I ever choose to. If I go into my safe house, I throw 5 items on the ground in random locations, I want them to save there when I come back to my safe house at a later date. This all seems very advance and I cant find anything in regards to this level of a saving system. Any help Is TRULY appreciated, been scouring the internet for months on this… Thanks guys! I really hope to get some go responses.

Man another post seemingly ignored :(. Any insight or direction towards tutorials that are along the lines of what im looking for here. I was thinking… Instead of just saving the positions, or values, Although that may be what I do regardless, Would it be possible to just save the specific scene within that moment in time?? Especially since this will be a single player game?