Scale arm to hand position

I followed this 1 so that I could use animation rigging so that a character has Inverse Kinematic and follows the position of the hands vr (I am using Oculus)

Works very well, follows the position of the vr hands and applies the reverse kinematica.
But when the position of the control/hand vr moves far away the reverse kinematics does not adapt to reach the position of the hand vr.

I tried to climb my arm but when climbing it looked bad, I don’t know how to make the arm scale or stretch so that I can reach the hand

The way I fixed this was by making an empty object as a child of the shoulder bone and then in the script, I would check the distance between that object(shoulder) and the controller(the hand), and then I would input the distance output into the scale of the arm bone (armBone.localScale.y = distance between shoulder and hand), for me it was the Y-axis scale but it could be different for your bone rig. this is how I fixed mine but it might not be the best way to do it