Scale cubs in y only to "up"

Hey guys, are you ok?
Well i am fine =]

Herm… I need some help in this script

`var ListaCubos : GameObject;
for(var Cubo : GameObject in ListaCubos)
Cubo.transform.localScale.y = Random.Range(1,10);
//ListaCubos[0].transform.localScale.y = 20;
var NumeroIteracoes : int;

var ListaRepetida : int;

function Start ()
for(var i : int = 0; i < NumeroIteracoes; i++)
var a: int=Random.Range(0,10);
ListaRepetida[a] += 1;
ListaCubos[a].transform.localScale.y += 20;

this script is used to scale cubes like a graphic, but i want to scale in Y only to “up”
but, this script is scaling in up and down.

Can u help me?

You would need to scale the object then offset its position to give the illusion of only scaling up, but in fact, it is scaling up and down cause thats how it works my freind :slight_smile:

to scale a cube so it only goes up you need to scale from a different pivot point. create an empty game object, snap it to the bottom of the cube. parent the cube under the empty game object. now when you scale the empty game object it will scale its child cube from the base so it will only go up.