Scale keyframes? Please advise.

Hello. :]

is there a way to scale keyframes on imported 3d model animations? Im talking about imported animated 3d models; .FBX and/or .OBJ files.

Concerning my 3D animated asset, I noticed the animation name in the animation window says “Take 001 - Read Only” (towards the top of the animation window). Is there a way to make the keyframes, that make up the animation, editable in the animation window so I can scale them? Or is that not possible?

I need to do this because my animation is a bit too slow for what I planned. Instead of going back into Maya to tweak the animation, I was wondering if I could scale these keyframes in Unity? I would like to be able to do this without any scripts if possible. Please advise. Thanks for any help.

If it’s just the overall speed of the animation you need to adjust, then you can do that in the Animator window for your game object. Highlight the animation clip and change the “speed” setting.

If you need more control over all the keyframes, I believe you can duplicate your animation clip and edit the copy. The reason the original is read-only is to avoid overwriting any changes you have made when reimporting the FBX.