Scale the standard Transform Handle

Hi, I was just wondering if there’s a way to scale the standard transform handle? (Used for moving object in the editor scene view.) I’m making an editor script with multiple handles and they tend to get somewhat in the way of each other.

In short: No, the size of the PositionHandle can’t really be changed as the handle size is calculated directly inside the internal code.

However it’s common when you create your own “tool” to simply “disable” the default tools / switch to your custom tool by setting it to Tool.None.

You can scale handles from the Handles class using matrix transformation.
EDIT: you can’t scale the main Transform tools, only your own.

var startMatrix = Handles.matrix;

bc.BezierCurve.StartPoint = Handles.PositionHandle(bc.transform.position, Quaternion.identity);
bc.BezierCurve.EndPoint = Handles.PositionHandle(bc.BezierCurve.EndPoint, Quaternion.identity);

// Q1 & Q2
Handles.matrix = Matrix4x4.Scale( / 2) * startMatrix; 
bc.BezierCurve.Q1 = Handles.PositionHandle(bc.BezierCurve.Q1 * 2, Quaternion.identity) / 2;
bc.BezierCurve.Q2 = Handles.PositionHandle(bc.BezierCurve.Q2 * 2, Quaternion.identity) / 2;
Handles.matrix = startMatrix;

The result looks like this: