Scale voronoi cells along specific axis in a shader graph,,Scale voronoi cells across specific axis in shader graphs

Hey y’all,
I’m trying to make an anime-esque water/river effect with a shader graph. So far, I’ve started with a simple Voronoi texture that scrolls; however, I want the cells stretched out height-wise. Any idea on how to scale the cells specifically along an axis like that? Also, I’m very new to shader graphs so any tips on cleaning up my graphs (like a way around all the one-minus shaders) would be highly appreciated.

I’ve created a style I kind of like in Blender already and would love to do something to that effect in Unity, but as far as I know, there isn’t a way to import it, animation and all, into Unity. If you know otherwise, please let me know!! 172970-screen-shot-2020-12-22-at-52005-pm.png Thank you so much!!

@chookn You can stretch and move a UV by running it through a Tiling and Offset node. Hope this helps!