Scaled sphere is blocky, how to smooth?

I am using a Unity sphere to create a planet gameobject.
I scaled it by a factor of 10 so its the proper size (though I may have to go larger).

When I view the sphere in the ‘Game’ window it has a blocky outline.
How do I increase the resolution or smooth the sphere?

Within Unity, this is not possible by default. Here are your options:

  1. Create a higher resolution sphere in a 3d application, such as Blender. Export it as .fbx and import it into Unity.

  2. Look for free models on the internet or the asset store.

  3. Look for a modeling toolkit on the asset store, that lets you manipulate meshes in Unity.

  4. Write or get a script that does mesh tessellation.

i believe your problem is that you are making it in unity i believe there it a setting called “smoothing angle”
But you will have better results importing it from a 3d modeling program
Because there you could smooth with catmull/clark subdivisions which if you look that up i think thats what you are striving for