scales to model in unity

first apologize for my English.
what scale is recommended to work in unity, the only thing I found is that a measure of unity is one meter.
what recommendation to model a house in 3dsmax, where exist objects less than one meter in the reality, make a centimeter one meter?.
I guess this is bad, because very large objects affect the performance of unity and bad responses for physical engine, what scale should working?.

As I understand Unity uses Game Units and one game unit in Unity represents 1 meter.

I’m using Modo and set my system preferences like this:

Units = Game Units
Meters per Game Unit = 1

Haven’t used 3dsmax, but I believe there is something very similar in preferences. If models are wrong size I would try different values for “Meters per Game Unit” in powers of ten (ie. 0.01, 0.1, 1)

how do I export and that the scale is 1 to 1. I work in centimeters in 3d studio max but when I export to unity, the scale of object is 0.254, and I can not make it in one.
I tried to convert to various units in the fbx but none work for me,the objects are the size they are, but the scale of these is not 1, and this brings problem of performance and local coordinates.