Scaling an occlusion culled mesh

I have a mesh of a floor of a building which has furniture and stuff in it. I also have Occlusion culling working on it. To get the occlusion culling system to work I had to tick the ‘static’ check box of the parent mesh (and to all children recursively as well). Anyway, all this works fine.

But now I need to scale up and down the whole mesh with pinch gesture. I managed to get all the gestures working, but the mesh doesn’t scale. Which is logical given that I marked them as static which means they can’t move, rotate or scale. So I tried taking ‘static’ off of the meshes and running. Then it works fine and also scales. But sometimes, you see meshes popping up hear and there.

I thought if I include the Occlution culling view area in the mesh hierarchy so that when I scale the mesh the Occlution culling view area also gets scaled, it should work. But as I said there are some meshes popping up sometimes.

So my question is that is there any workaround for this issue. Or should I just give up either scaling or Occlusion culling? because they both can’t work together.

As far as I know, you can not use dynamic objects as occluders, as this occlusion is baked down during the occlusion process. It only works the other way around.