Scaling between fbx and Unity

Hi, I am just getting confused Fbx importer... Why the unity's default import ratio is 0.01 which is 100times smaller than actual 3dmodel? Does it change directly to the FBX file itself or does it just change in the editor. I found problems with reimporting model to 3dsmax after importing it into Unity...

It only changes it in Unity. Your FBX will be exactly as you saved it if you open it in any other application.

This has to do with Unity uses a slightly different default scale than most applications. Basically, Unity uses centimeters and most apps use meters. But, they are not technically anything more than units.

If u use 3dsmax with meter unit, u have to check the option of FBX exporter. basically, u have to change ur unit to centimeter. but unity3d using meter unit by 1:1. when u make simple cube sized 1-1-1, that means 1m - 1m - 1m size cube.