Scaling down every object in a scene-- Best practice?

I’ve run into a situation that essentially requires every object in the game world to be 1/10 the size it currently is. I recognize that this is not as simple as just changing every object’s scale, and that this could have ramifications in a LOT of areas-- positioning, physics, particle effects, animations, etc.

Is there a relatively “clean” way of accomplishing a universal scaling down of the entire scene?

make all gameobject child of empty gameobject and scale the parent gameobject(“empty gameobject”)

I would collect all the world objects in one GameObject and scale that object 1/10.

If you want to scale everything exept ONE thing (read less than 10%) then make that one thing 10x bigger instead.

The perspective change will be EXACTLY the same.

If this is a one time thing, just scale and debug. As this is not really a common issue as you could just make any new assets 10x bigger instead, I doubt there is a “best practice” for this.

‘Best practice’ would be not to do that.

Such basic things like the scale of your objects should normally be figured out before delving into the project.

Why do you need to scale everything? If everything is 10 times bigger as it ‘should’ be, the player won’t even recognize it.