Scaling the whole Shuriken effects?

I am trying out some free effects from the asset store made with the Shuriken system but I realise I couldn’t change the size of the effects. By size, I don’t mean the particle size but rather the whole size of the effect. The effects currently are too small to be seen in the camera. I want to scale up the size of the whole effect so that it is visible.

How can I scale up the size of an effect made with the Shuriken system?

There are several plugins which can do what you want. There are some for free, just google search for it, but in my opinion the cartoon fx easy editor is the best.

It scales not only size values but also velocities etc. and the results are nearly perfect. It’s also only 5 bucks, totally worth the amount of work you save by using it.

Just select your particle system (the parent if you have multiple for one effect) put your size multiplier in and hit the Scale Size button. Done :slight_smile:

P.S.: i have nothing to do with the author, i’m recommending this because this is in my opinion truly the most essential plugin for everything shuriken/effect related.