Scaling whole game for screen resolution

I’m making a space-shooter game where astroids fall down from the top and player shoots them, pretty simple. But here is the problem. When the screen resolution increases game is getting harder. Because of the range of instantiate.

I used this code for random coordinates for spawning astroids:

Instantiate(Enemy2 ,Vector3(Random.Range(-(Screen.width / 133),(Screen.width / 133)),11,0) ,transform.rotation );

0 is the center. I divided it by 133 just the adjust coordinates.

I need to adjust the game scaling for every resolution. Making astroids and player bigger for larger resolutions. Is there any quick solutions for my problem ?

Thank you

You can fix the resolution instead of asking the user’s resolution.
(I think that’s what you try to do)

What is your camera projection ?