Scalling animation is blurring frame texture

Hi !

I have a texture which contains frame of a window I want to display in game menu. I had put the texture on the box, which expands in certain time, makin an animation effect. alt text The problem is, that texture gets blurred during scalling which is not acceptable, cause it should display sharp window border all the time.

The flatter picture is made during scalling animation The taller picture is the desired window border, but it appears only when animation is finished.

How can I make scalling effect without this border blurred?

It’s caused by mipmaps. It’s by design - the graphics hardware is trying to do the best keeping good look and performance. It’s taking lower mipmap level, because your “mapped texture size” becomes “more wide than tall”.

To summarize: on TextureImporter switch to Advanced and disable mipmap generation.