Scan a QR code and display a business card without requiring someone to have an app?

Hey guys, I've had this question on my mind for days: Is it possible to scan a QR code and display a business card without requiring someone to have an app on their cellphone? I'm fairly new to Unity and I have some ideas I've been practicing. Let me explain my idea a bit more. I'm currently creating an AR business card, but the problem is that in order to show people my business card, they would need to install the app on their cellphones. So, how can I show people my business card without them having to install the app on their cellphones?

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Maybe use WebAR such as AR.js?

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do you know if that service free? I'll read and watch videos about it, than you.

Some Assets that support WebGL and Image Tracking:

Also, there is an example with AR Business Card for your inspiration (not for WebGL).


It's great that you're exploring AR business card ideas with Unity! To address your question, yes, it is possible to share a business card via QR code without requiring others to install an app on their phones. Here's one approach you can consider:

  • QR Code Generator: You can use a QR code generator, to create a QR code that links to your AR business card or website directly. This way, when someone scans the QR code with their phone's built-in camera app or with web apps like, it will open the link in their web browser, showcasing your AR business card.
  • Web-Based AR: Create your AR business card experience to be web-based. There are libraries and frameworks available, like WebAR, that allow users to interact with AR content directly through a web browser, without the need for a dedicated app.
  • Instructions: When sharing the QR code, you can provide clear instructions to users on how to scan it. Mention that they should simply use their phone's camera app to scan the code, and it will lead them to your AR business card experience.

This way, you can effectively share your AR business card with others without requiring them to install a separate app. It offers a more seamless and user-friendly experience.

Feel free to explore these options, and don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions or need further guidance. Best of luck with your Unity AR project!

It is possible to display a business card by scanning a QR code without requiring someone to have a dedicated app on their cellphone. You can create a dynamic QR code using a tool like QRCodeDynamic. These QR codes can point to a web page or URL that hosts your AR business card, allowing anyone with a QR code scanner on their phone to view it without the need for a dedicated app installation. This provides a convenient way to share your AR business card with others.

Hope it helps & good luck!

could u please explain detailed