Scanned Knight in Full Plate Armor

Hi ! Here is a first preview ( this is the high poly) of the next pack for the asset store.

I used reality capture to scan a french 15th century armor. My goal is to create a knight character with a customizable appearence: Helmet, medieval hat or nothing on the head, a lot of alternative textures for the tabard, etc ...
The biggest difficulties will be the rigging of the tabard and the different layers of clothes

  • The coat of plate (if you disable the tabard)


6186723--678135--01.jpg 6186723--678138--02.jpg

  • I have temporarily masked the chainmail around the neck for more visibility.


  • The head of the character without the visor. I will provide different shape of visor.


  • I will use Substance Painter for the textures. There will be standard and HDRP version.

  • I am still thinking about the polycount. Knowing I want to create a good detailed model, how many triangles for this character would you advise me guys ?

30k to 40k tris for lod1

You mean lod0 ;). Yes 30k seams good !

yeah lod0 my bad

First results in Substance Painter for the helmet ! Here is four different steel versions: Patina, Dusty, New and Blackened.6225708--684846--Helmet_01.jpg 6225708--684849--Helmet_02.jpg 6225708--684855--Helmet_03.jpg 6225708--684858--Helmet_05.jpg 6225708--684861--Helmet_07.jpg

looks nice

Thank you !

I have finished the retopology ( 25K triangles) for the body and here is the first try for texturing (with substance painter).
The renders are done with HDRP.

Now, before doing retopoly/ texturing of the weapons and details ( purse, tabard, others visor, etc), I am going to skin and rig it.

6237386--686693--Knight_Full_2020-08-24-11-09-17_0001.jpg 6237386--686696--Knight_Full_2020-08-24-11-10-52_0001.jpg 6237386--686699--Knight_Full_2020-08-24-11-12-24_0001.jpg

i would have gone for a more monotone colormap(for example the red wires pop out too much)
also i would have done the under armor(the white padding) darker.

Yes I will desaturate the wire.
The medieval linen braies were white historically

I am still working on the skinning and it will be soon finished. But before to show the result, here is some nice in game render of the longsword and dagger. However, this is not photogrammetry but classical modelling.

6313659--699498--Sword&dagger01.jpg 6313659--699501--Sword&dagger02.jpg 6313659--699504--Sword&dagger03.jpg

I am also working on scanned weapons: a falchion and a punching shield!

Hi ! Here are improvments:
We can now change color of different body parts (individually) to create hundreds albedo variations !
For exemples:

Clean steel, blue garments, dark blue coat of plates, brown underwear:
Blackened steel, off-white garments, red coat of plates, black underwear:

Patina steel, brown garments, yellow coat of plates, white underwear:


I have also scanned a punching shield and a falchion ( short and heavy one hand sword ).
Result in Unity:

Punching shield with coats of arms:

I will include in final package different masks to let you create your owns!

Hi everyone ! I
I would like advices and help about meshes overlay. The differents clothes layers are ovelaying ( and a litlle bit more whith animation). I would like know how to fix this easily. Thanks !

Here is the knight with the coat of arms and clothes overlay :6344472--704979--front.png 6344472--704973--Back.png 6344472--704976--bug.png

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Hi ! The projet has been submitted on the unity store today as: Knighthood: customized Knight !

For now this an early access because I still need to work on it !
I will create a forum thread for it soon !

6513223--734221--KnightMiniature.jpg 6513223--734224--Screenshots02.jpg 6513223--734227--Screenshots03.jpg 6513223--734230--Screenshots04.jpg 6513223--734233--Screenshots06.jpg

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Hello everyone !

I am glad to announce this pack is now out !

It is available here:
Forum thread here:

But stay tuned, the work is not done yet ! There is lot of work in progress to show !


Hi !
First results for the head:

In Substance Painter:6562357--743509--WIP_Texture.jpg

And in Unity with a fake SSS shader:

After few week of hard work, my pack is almost done !

Here is screenshots of what you can achieve with this pack !


The head has been remade: it is customizable ( Hair and beard, LODs and blend shapes, and also texture variations: clean and dirt face/ chort hair and bald).

More screenshots soon !

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Hi everyone!

My Knighthood pack is now realease:

Get it here:

During first week, price is discounted by -30% ! Full price will be 40$

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