I am currently trying to create a scarf for my protagonist, similar to the one in Journey for PS3 or the PS2 game Shinobi, but I can’t get it to behave the way I want it to. The first thing I tried was a mesh skinned to a chain of bones connected via Hinge Joints. Then I tried using Interactive Cloth. Both looked like crap, no matter what I settings I used.

Currently I am toying with the idea of scripting the scarf physics myself using a Line Renderer, but I still have to think about how exactly I would go about it, but IU am open to alternative suggestions.

I haven’t played Journey so I don’t know how the scarf physics are there, but what I did for one of my games was give the scarf a chain of bones and then connect those bones with Character Joints. They work a lot better with this type of stuff than hinge joints since they’re meant for ragdoll physics.