Scene Camera continues to move after letting go of W

So I’m trying to move my camera in the scene, and then I let go of my W and D Key, and the camera keeps moving. Keeps speeding up. All of a sudden I have no control of Unity for like 5-10 seconds, and now I’m like 500x the distance away from my scene. I have no clue what’s going on, but I literally can’t turn my camera 90 degrees without it glitching out. It’s literally impossible to work right now.

Here is a short video of the issue.

Can you post the part of the code that is altering the camera position/rotation, I don’t think anyone can help without it

Did you check your viewport camera settings for crazy values?

Seems like your scene is very huge, maybe you turned it up to jupiter. But your machine seems to be at its limit too.
Other thing could be editor scripts that control the camera. Try to make a new scene with a few objects and check the behaviour.

So I Reset the Scene Camera settings, still same issue. It isn’t my computer either. I have an 8 core, 3.8 ghz, 64 gigs of RAM at 3000mhz, and a 1080 Video Card. So my computer isn’t lagging at all. It’s just this one scene. Starting a new project does make the issue go away. That being said, I need to figure out what is causing this issue, so it doesn’t happen later on.

I did do some troubleshooting and determined that it is Gaia that is causing the lag. I’m not sure why, or what to look for now that I know it’s Gaia that’s creating this issue, but could use some more assistance. Thanks for your guys’ help.