Scene Changes Help

Hi everyone. Sorry if this is obvious to you all, but I don't quite understand how to change scenes, within the game. I have looked around and tried lots of different methods, but none seem to work with me. If someone could put a very basic scene change script on here, it would be loads of help. Once I've got the basics, I think I can work on it to make it suit my games. Thanks in advance, Dan205

Very basic example (load the first level when pressing F):

function Update()
    if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.F)) Application.LoadLevel(0);

You have to put the loadable levels into the build menu (ctrl/cmd shift b) to allow them to be loaded, and the number you use for the LoadLevel links to the level number in that menu

You can also use Application.LoadLevel("Name Of Level") if you know the level name, just remember that it needs to be placed in the build menu too