Scene changing causes Unity MARS Camera to fail for my project

I have some issues occurring in my project and a little guide will be helpful. In my project there are three Scenes, say 1,2,3, in which Scene 1 consist Simple Mian Camera and Scene 2 and 3 consist MARS Camera. I use Scene 1 as Menu bar for scene changing with two buttons that will lead to either scene 2 or 3 and from that scene a back will bring back to scene 1. I am also using XR Origin for AR Plane Detection and Point Cloud Detection and AR Session.

Now the issue is that, when I go from Scene 1 to scene 2, the Mars Camera works properly but when I go back from Scene 2 to Scene 1 and then try to go to scene 3 or scene 2, the camera shows error. Same thing happens when I go from Scene 1 to scene 3 to again scene 1 and then to either scene 2 or 3.

In the issue, Scene 2, the Plane and Point Cloud Detection gets stopped and Image Marker does not work either and Scene 3, the only UI gets displayed and the background becomes black.

I have searched about it but couldn't able to find any answer that would solve my issues or at least give me some ideas.

It will be helpful if you could give me some kind setting ideas, codes, resource links or anything that will solve this issue.

Hello again @Prahelika07 ,
Can you file a bug report for this as well using the Help > Report a bug... menu option in the Unity Editor. Please include a reproducible slice of your project so we can test it out and debug on our end. Thank you!

Can you tell me what kind of part are you expecting as I have written C# script in which methods are used in normal button for scene change.