Scene Color Node in Shader Graph not working with Unity's 2D Renderer and URP

For some reason it outputs Grey with Unlit, and Black with Lit. What’s going on here exactly? I have Opaque Texture enabled in the Render Pipeline settings.

Scene Color uses _CameraOpaqueTexture which is not compatible with the new 2D Renderer, the last answer I got about this was months ago, they said that they are aware of the problem and will work on it at some point, but that it is not a priority so they cannot give any release date.


I did find one of the mentions to it in the following link, I read another comment with a little more of detail on another post but because it wasn’t directed to me I cannot find it I’m afraid (both around the same lines, Unity doesn’t seem to consider it a priority), look for Chris_Chu answer to dr4 comment.

Well, the best solution I found was getting a Texture from a second camera. Depending on the case it might work for you. Remember to hide the objects that use this texture from the second camera.

In case if you haven’t found the solution yet,the shader graphs u are creating must recieve lighting in order to be visible.make a 2d light(point light,global light) from the hierarchy,bring it near ur objects and it should be fine.

Mine is still grey and I tried adding a global 2D light, I would guess that if the shader is unlit you shouldn’t need any lights right?

Any solution to this? I’ve been struggling for hours trying to get it to work.