Scene completely white in RGB mode

Hi I had a strange bug where my scene became completely white but my game works perfectly when I hit the play button. I checked and it is in RGB mode, textured.

My computer was a little slow and then the scene became completely white. Restarting unity/computer hasn’t helped.

This is not effecting my game in anyway but its just a pain to try to edit a white scene.

Any suggestions??

Have you checked your materials: textures, shaders ok? If it’s only that scene, a long shot, but have you tried duplicating it? Or copy-pasting all your stuff from the broken one to a new one?

Final Answer: Copy-pasting did the trick.

Holy mother of God! It was the fog settings.

I remember changing that but it dint reflect as my system was slow. it got saved and next day when i opened it, everything was white.

Thanks for the help folks.