Scene crashes in WebGl build

I am converting an Android App into the WebGl. But when i load a particular scene the web browser (google chrome) gives the following message… Aw snap Something went wrong while displaying the web page. Actually there are three scenes in the game first two loads perfectly but when i try to load 3rd scene from second one the 3rd scene starts and crashes immediately. But when i make a build of only third scene it loads perfectly with some null references, which are expected as third scene needs some references from previous scene(which is second scene).

i put logs in the script but i could not found anything.

Are you loading the 3rd scene using the same method you loaded the other two?

When I dabbled in WebGL a while back, I recall having to rewrite some of my code involving loading and resources because of the pathing differences and WebGL permissions. Seem to recall that WebGL does not like local disk and having to use the WWW class to get everything to play well. I was working with a lot of external resource files however. Hopefully someone with more insight chimes in.