Scene duplication does nothing


I’m new to Unity and the community. I’m currently working through this tutorial on using the Photon Unity Network, and am at the step where one of the scenes, “Room for 1”, must be duplicated several times to create other rooms.

The tutorial did not specify exactly how to achieve this, but it seemed obvious to me that I should select the scene I wish to duplicate from the Hierarchy, and then select Edit > Duplicate. This had no effect. I tried several times, tried duplicating from the Assets folder, tried copy pasting, tried the hotkey for duplicating (ctrl + D), tried closing and reopening Unity and the project, and tried googling extensively, all to no avail.

Is there a step that I’m missing here?

Thanks very much for any assistance!

Hey @SmashDivine! This might be a little late, but I solved this by resolving an issue in my meta file. I had a merge conflict (and so a broken meta file), and this stopped me from being able to duplicate an object.

I just resolved the merge conflict in the meta file and this allowed me to start duplicating the corresponding file in the Unity editor.