Scene Duplication

Hi everyone. This might sound like a dumb question, but I was wondering if there’s a way to duplicate a scene in Unity? By that I mean is there a way to copy everything from one scene, and have it in a new scene?

for sure,

  1. click on the scene name in your PROJECT panel

  2. click on the EDIT menu in the menu bar at the top

  3. select DUPLICATE

you then have to do this …

click ONCE the “new” scene item you just made in Project Panel. (it should be bright blue) you have to RENAME it. to rename, just click “Return” on your keyboard and watch what happens.

that’s it !

Don’t forget you will have to draw the new scene (and all scenes) in to your build – select File → Build Settings

In case any body wanted a hot key - “Ctrl + D”

Another way to duplicate a scene is to

  1. Open the scene
  2. In Hierarchy right click on top of the scene and click “Save Scene As” and save with the name you want. That is going to open that scene right away in Unity.