Scene from AssetBundle vs Scene from build

What happens if a scene in a downloaded assetbundle has the same name as one in the build?

Eg if I have a scene in the build called “Demo”, and then I download an assetbundle with another scene called “Demo”. If I now load the “Demo” scene, which one will I get?

Specifically, I would like to know if I can override a scene from the build with DLC or do I need to change the name of the scene in the AssetBundle to something else? (eg “Demo2”)

if it is in your build it would be in the “scenes” folder in your project folder. If you download an asset, usually that demo is nested in other folders not the scene folder in your project - at least that is what I have come across. Are you saying what would happen if you put the new demo in that folder as well so you have two scenes named demo? I just tried it and Unity automatically keeps renaming the duplicate scene name by adding a number after it so i don’t think you have a choice if they are in the same folder. that being said, in debug mode if you look in the inspector the scenes have different instance IDs so even if you were allowed to name them the same I think the computer recognizes them as different