Scene got cleared, but the file size is still 108kb

I saved and exited (separately) and turned off my computer. Now I’m looking at the Unity project, and the scene is completely blank. However, the .unity file I save my scene to is still 108kb. In comparison, I created a new scene with a camera, saved it, and that resulted to 12kb. Is my work still hidden in this file, even though Unity considers it completely empty?

I still have any assests I created/imported.

When you load a project, it doesn’t always load the scene. I’m not sure exactly why, but I have some projects where it always starts with a new empty scene when I start Unity. Make sure you open the scene after you open Unity, just to be sure. If that’s not an issue, is there anything in your Hierarchy? You can select an item, and type “f” to focus on it. Let me know if these aren’t your issue, and I’ll just delete this answer. Hopefully it’s the problem.