Scene inside a Scene


And I don't mean LoadLevelAdditiveAsync. I'm creating a puzzle/action game and when a level I want the game to go to a separate score screen, while having a small window replaying what the user just did.

So I want to load the previous scene inside a small window in another scene. Think Picture-in-Picture for TVs.

Really can't think how I'd do this without merging the score screen into each level scene which isn't the ideal situation for me.

Sounds like fun. What comes to mind is, record everything that happens somehow, then play that back on a render texture where the main camera looks at that texture and your score screen. Ore record the entire game play to video somehow, creating a video texture, and play that back. I hope you have Pro!

Our EZ Replay Manager package can do this.

The solution that jumps to mind is to have your entire score screen be a prefab with a “main” script that you can shove parameters into. Then in your game scene, you instantiate the score prefab and feed it information from the game’s “you win/lose” function and trigger your current replay logic.

It’s kind of merging the score screen into each scene, but changes to the prefab will affect them all so it’s still reasonably well object-oriented.