Scene is loading in Game Mode, but not in the build. Why?

Hello, I’m making a 2D game, where is I think not so many objects to make cause the problems in loading another scene, but in the build, the second level is not loading, except if I try to play the game in Unity program in Game-Mode it works fine and quickly.

What can cause the problems? Any pieces of advice?

It’s strange because in game-mode it loads fine, but in the build, it just stops the process without any errors!

P.S. I even tried to delete about all the objects in the scene before it will load another level, and the problem still exists even its loading the scene now, but very slow, but the level looks like just a camera on each other when it’s loading.

Try use “LoadSceneAsync”

Start can you test in unity editor the first scene of build list?

other option is disable the second level of build and test, if the game don´t jump to the next scene, the problem is the first scene on the build list.