Scene Load Issues

So I realize this is a common question and have covered numerous posts trying to solve this myself. I have built several scenes and am attempting to get them linked together based off collisions with set objects. Regardless of how I try to change things around I cant get the object collision to load another scene.Below is my code.

var myLevel : String;

function OnCollisionEnter (myCollision : Collision) {
if( == “Warp”){

  1. I have made sure that the object is a ridgidbody non-kinematic
  2. I have made sure that both my character and the object have colliders set with “is trigger”
  3. Made sure that they are on the same layer.
  4. Made sure that the scenes are included under Build Settings

Any help would be appreciated.

I am not sure if this helps, but instead of doing string checks like == "Warp"

you should probably do it this way"Warp") == 0

Check out the documentation for more details. Hope this is useful!