Scene Loading takes over 3 minutes

Hey everyone, I’ve been developing a game for the past 8 months and recently scene loading to the main game level has been taking 3+ minutes to load. I’m assuming this is because of the number of prefabs and objects in my scene - but i’m unsure on how to approach this.

I’ve tried to load the scene asynchronously, and I’ve changed the compression of audio files in the scene. Options online that I’ve seen include making resource folders/asset packs, which would require me to edit a lot of scripts.

If you don’t want to edit a whole heap of scripts, and you have enough of your objects that don’t reference each other directly, you may be able to split the one scene up into a bunch of different scenes and load them async one after the other, letting them load in the background while the player is doing other things.

Alternatively, find ways to optimise the content in your scene so that it doesn’t take as long to load.