Scene lost everything!!

OK my laptop suddenly ran into the Blue Screen problem and needed to restart. After that when i opened my project it said “Failed to load window layout” with 2 options : load default layout or revert factory settings. I chose the first option then when the project was opened in Unity i found out that my scene has lost everything in the hierarchy include the main camera. What should i do now to get everything in the scene back??

there are some errors in the console :

  • Invalid serialized file header. File: “library/assetdatabase3”.
  • Unknown error occurred while loading ‘Assets/Resources/Scenes/Level.unity’.
  • Error while reading window layout: no main window found
    UnityEditor.WindowLayout:LoadWindowLayout(String, Boolean)
  • Failed to load window layout: System.Exception: Exception of type ‘System.Exception’ was thrown.
    at UnityEditor.WindowLayout.LoadWindowLayout (System.String path, Boolean
    newProjectLayoutWasCreated) [0x00329] in
    UnityEditor.WindowLayout:LoadWindowLayout(String, Boolean)